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5 of the World’s Best Cities for Walking

5 of the World’s Best Cities for Walking

Walking is one of the most pleasurable activities if you take the time to discover its simple joys. And if you are living or traveling in a city, taking walks makes way for unique and enriching experiences. You can discover a lot about a place and its people when you take the time to go for a stroll and pay attention to everything around you. Here are some of the best cities in the world to go for walks.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh is a city that walking and outdoor enthusiasts would love to explore. There is no dearth of things to see as you take a walk in the heart of the city. You can even enjoy the city’s famous literary tours and pub crawls in between. Some of the best places for delightful meanderings apart from the city center include Arthur’s Seat, Calton Hill, Figgate Park, Hermitage of Braid and Blackford Hill, Kyoto Friendship Garden, Lauriston Castle Grounds, Old Town, New Town, The Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens, The Royal Mile, and The Water of Leith Walkway among many others.

Florence, Italy
Walking is easily one of the best ways to explore and experience Florence. The city is teeming with beautiful architecture, impressive monuments, and great works of arts found in museums and galleries that are within walking distance from each other. You can take your fill of the glorious attractions of the city and enjoy relaxing breaks at one of the many cafes and restaurants you can find along the way. Some of the best places to explore on foot include the historic center surrounding the Duomo (Centro Storico), Piazzale Michelangelo and San Miniato, the Boboli Gardens (Giardino di Boboli), and the Other Side of the Arno.

Istanbul, Turkey
Hagia Sophia
With so many spectacular sights to see, walking around Istanbul is a delightful and rewarding experience. And one of the great things about the city is that many of its must-see attractions are within walking distance from each other. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll to places like the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sofia, and the Grand Bazaar and perhaps even meet some of Istanbul’s famous stray cats.

London, UK
London is another city where walking yields a lot of fascinating discoveries and surprises. There are just so many things to see that you may not even find if you do not venture out for a walk. Some of the best walking routes and trails to explore include the City Tree Trail, Designs of the Times Walk, Great Fire of London Walk, Green Chain Walk, London Wall Walk, and the Royal London Walk among many others.

Paris, France
Avenue des Champs-Elysees
A walk in Paris is an experience you would not want to miss. There is simply no way to enjoy the city without having walked at least one of its many picturesque streets and neighborhoods. You can go on self-guided walking tours of the city to see more of its many stunning sights. Some of the best places to go for a walk include the charming streets of Rue de l’Abreuvoir, Rue des Barres, and Rue Crémieux; Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Rue Rivoli and The Louvre, Montmartre, Montparnasse, the Latin Quarter, Luxembourg Gardens, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and more.